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making news this morning -- >> a tightening noose in libya. could a show downcome this week? and charlie sheen in his own words. >> all these radio rants have people thinki ining charlie she has got to be on drugs again. >> yeah. sure. i am on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. and on top of that, a night fit for a king. it was oscar gold for "the king's speech." we're live in hollywood. good morning. the u.s. is stepping up pressure on libyan leader moammar gadhafi
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to step down. >> and the head of the u.n. meets with president obama today at the white house for more talks. emily schmidt is joining us, now, from washington, with the latest details. >> reporter: good morning to you. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke this weekend of a post-gadhafi libya. but if the world is expecting him to step down, he is sure showing no signs of hastening the process. anti-government protesters have taken control as close as they can get to libya's capital. just one city away. this man says, the people do not want moammar gadhafi. neither does the u.s., which says the libyan leader of four decades must leave immediately. and neither does the united nations security council, which voted this weekend to impose sanctions on libya. >> i can't remember a time in recent memory, when the council has acted so swiftly, so decisively in unanimity, on an urgent matter on international human rights. >> reporter: for the first time,
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gadhafi's son spoke with christiane amanpour. and said allegations that his father launched air strikes against their own people is wrong. >> show me a single attack. show me a single bomb. show me a single casualty. the libyan air force is on sites. >> reporter: the u.n. says 100,000 libyans have fled the country, trying to escape the violence. in the east, the national libyan council has formed to help cities that have taken control from gadhafi. while hoping in the west, that tripoli will fall, as well. a spokesman for the council says he hopes that will happen in the coming days, if not the coming hours. moammar gadhafi continues to insist he will not leave. and while he stays, oil prices are on the rise. last week, we saw the largest one-week increase in the past two years. rob? >> emily schmidt in washington for us this morning. thanks, emily. and new zealand's leader says that the earthquake that
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hit the city of christchurch could cost the country around $15 million. the quake damaged one-third of the city's buildings. and put some 1,500 people out of work. 150 people have been confirmed dead. about 200 are still unaccounted for. the first funeral was held today. that was for a 5-month-old boy who died in his home. protesters are still in the wisconsin state capitol this morning. they have been protesting for almost two weeks. officials wanted to clear the building yesterday afternoon, to give it a thorough cleaning. but police stepped in. and they refused to forcibly remove any of the demonstrators. thousands of federal government workers could be on furlough next weekend. congress has until friday to pass a short-term budget extension or the government will shut down nonessential services. abc's rick klein has the details on that shutdown. >> reporter: will basic services
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cease? no. the mail will still be delivered. soldiers will still be fed. the faa will direct air traffic. you with still file your taxes. though your refund may be delayed. social security benefits will still go out. new claims may lag. will anyone be out of a job? yes, so-called nonessential workers will not be paid. they will be given back pay by congress when the shutdown ends. will congressmen be paid? yes. they are considered essential personnel. will national parks and moue teams be open? no. what about the national zoo? will the animals get fed? yes. but they're waste might pile up. momentum is building for a short-term solution to keep the government working for a couple of weeks. but democrats and republicans will be right back at the fight after that time expires. rick klein, abc news, washington. charges are being filed against the operator of a home
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day-care center in houston. four preschoolers died in a fire there on thursday. two remain in critical conditions now. there is a report that the woman left the children alone while she went to a grocery store. the hottest comedy on tv, "two and a half men" will not resume production as scheduled. cbs and warner brothers suspended its show after charlie sheen attacked ice creator in two vicious interviews last week. >> but one estimate, that decision will cost $250 million in lost revenue. andrea canning sat down with sheen over the weekend. >> reporter: all of the radio rants has people thinking charlie sheen has got to be on drugs again. >> yeah. i am on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. it's not available. if you try it once, you will die. your face will melt off. and your children will weep over your exploded body. um, too much. so, yeah. it's just, again, i woke up and decided, you know, i've been
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kicked around. i've been criticized. like the aw shucks guy with this rock star life. and i'm finally going to embrace it, wrap both arms around it and love it violently. and defend it violently through violent hatred. >> okay. >> wow. unbelievable interview, as you can tell there. you can see more of it later today on "good morning america." and also, in a one-hour "20/20" special. that will air tuesday night, 10:00 eastern time. and smoke from wildfires in texas is being blamed for a highway pileup in texas that left a young boy dead. there are several wildfires burning there in the panhandle and plains now, thanks to high winds and dry weather. at least 20 homes have burned near amarillo and two fires there have merged. now, for the weather around the country. quiet in the midwest and central states. but dangerous winds and a risk of tornados in tennessee and kentucky. heavy rain from ohio to pennsylvania. to the north, freezing rain or snow. and rain in the pacific
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northwest. >> and chilly in the plains. 26 in fargo. 33 in omaha. atlanta is at 77. baltimore, 69. the west coast warms up, now. but still below normal there. 40 in seattle. and 57 in sacramento. and some sad news to pass on this morning. the last surviving veteran of world war i has passed away. frank buckles literally lied about his age to get into uniform at age 16. >> unbelievable dedication to his country. he served in england and in france, working mainly as a driver and warehouse clerk. he returned to the u.s. in 1920. he died peacefully at his home in west virginia. he was 110 years old. >> a real hero. coming up next on this monday morning, legendary investor, warren buffett, gets bullish. and the big winners at last night's oscars. a few surprises. but plenty of glamour, as you can imagine. we're off to hollywood with the details. stay with us. fee court is now in session.
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and time, now, for a check of market activities, starting overseas. tokyo's nikkei average climbed nearly 1% today. hong kong's hang seng rose almost 1.5%. and in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow tumbled 260 points last week. a rough one. also, the nasdaq fell nearly 53 points. and economists are more upbeat about the economy than a
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few months ago. economists polled expect 3.3% growth this year, up from november's estimate of 2.6%. those surveyed expect unemployment to remain high, ending the year around 9%. billionaire investor warren buffett is optimistic about the economy and the country, as well. in his annual letter to investors, buffett says he believes america's best days are ahead. he also said a housing recovery will likely begin within the next year, boosting the nation's economy. it was a big weekend for hollywood. just not at the box office. despite all the oscar buzz, not many people went to movies. the animated movie "gnomeo and juliet" took the top spot. "hall pass" opened in second place. and "unknown," dropped to third. when we come back this morning, speaking of movies, the academy awards, all the winners and losers. and the little one that will have quite a story to tell when she grows up.
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water or preservatives. tropicana -- we put the good in morning. this was the scene just a snowball's throw from last night's oscar extravaganza in l.a. a rare mix of snow and icy hail turned a golf course into a winter wonder land. unbelievable. some made snowmen and went riding on the sleds. this green made for a good, long run. you don't see that often out west. >> inexperienced sledders there. now, for a look at this morning's road conditions. heavy rain on i-40. i-95 could be slyke from the carolinas to boston. and slippery on i-70 and i-90, in ohio and pennsylvania. looking out west. slippery conditions on i-5, down to medford, and across the cascades. >> and if you're flying today, you can expect some airport dedelays in seattle, memphis,
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detroit, boston, new york, philadelphia, d.c., charlotte. >> bring a book. the weekend snow almost upstaged the academy awards ceremony in hollywood. but the weather cooperated. and the red carpet festivities went off without a hitch. i heard some of the actresses were cold. >> for the west, that's cold. inside, there was new, younger hosts. but not a lot of surprises. craig roberts joins us now with the latest hollywood details. >> reporter: not a surprise ending to this awards season. "the king's speech" won most of the big oscars. the favorite came through at oscars 83. >> it's the 83rd annual academy awards. >> reporter: hollywood's biggest night turned into a coronation for "the king's speech." best movie. >> "the king's speech." >> reporter: best director. >> tom hooper, "the king's
4:46 am
speech." >> reporter: the monarchy drama also earned colin firth the best actor prize, as ruler george vi, trying to overcome his stammer. >> people of whatever kind have responded to it. >> reporter: best actress honors went to a very pregnant natalie portman for "black swan." will she name her baby oscar? >> i think that's definitely out of the question. >> reporter: melissa leo scored supporting actress for her role in "the fighter." and promptly dropped the f-bomb. >> when i looked at this two years ago, it looked [ bleep ]. oops. >> reporter: it looked easy for her supporting actor, christian bale. >> i'm not going to drop the f-bomb, like she did. >> reporter: james franco and anne hathaway opened the show,
4:47 am
with a virtual reality romp through the movies picked for best picture. then, they told people why they were picked to host the awards. >> you look so beautiful and so hip. >> thank you, james. you look very appealing to a younger demographic, as well. >> thank you. >> reporter: all age groups got a dose of fashion excitement, with anne hathaway slipping into different outfits, every time she could. >> thank you. >> reporter: indeed, "the king's speech" won most of the big oscars. but "inception" won just as many. four in all. icing on the cake for this movie that made about $300 million at the box office. >> craig gropper in hollywood for us. a race against time, near atlanta, as rescuers tried to free a toddler from a bank vault there. the toddler was visiting her grandma who is an employee at the bank when she wandered off. and the 14-month-old was freed.
4:48 am
>> closed down this evening. customers had left the bank. the toddler walked off and walked into the vault, just about the time the vault closed with its time lock. >> she was crying before i got to her. she was scared because of the drilling noise and all that. once i heard her crying, i knew everything was okay. >> now, that little girl was locked inside for about four hours. but was none worse for the wear after this ordeal, except, you could say a very dirty diaper. >> keep an eye on your kids. wow. now, we have some highlights from a high-profile nba game. we get those, now, from espn news. >> good morning. cole wright here with your espn news update. let's not waste time. let's head down to south beach, where lebron james and the heat hosted carmelo anthony and the knicks. let's start with the king. the no-look pass to eric dampier. wow. dwyane wade with the lob up top.
4:49 am
a ridiculous left-handed post. lebron goes up high. he comes down with authority. under two minutes left in the second quarter. knicks down seven. bill walker, to chauncey billups. they call him mr. big shot for a reason. knicks up four. late in the third, knicks down two. melo to walker. draining the deep three from the wing. time runs out. knicks on a run in the end of one. under two now, knicks down four. billups, floater in the lane would trickle through. billups, deep throw. fade. he says, give me a foot, i'll take a three. that was good stuff. spike lee was loving it. a big knicks fan. 12.7 seconds to go. heat down. the king drives. puts it up. but amare stood his ground ever so strongly. making the big-time block. he was pumped up. so was spike. 6.7 seconds left.
4:50 am
lebron dribbles and hits up the triple. he misses it. the knicks go on to win this one, 91-86. that will do it for your espn news update. back to you in new york. coming up next, the stories we'll be following later today, including the increasing pressure on the regime in libya. and way out in space, astronauts are getting ready for today's spacewalk. details on today's fix-it mission straight ahead. (jennifer garner) there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there to cover up flaws and make skin look pretty but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists.
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welcome back, everybody. now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this monday. a battle could be looming as opposition forces come within 30 miles of libya's capital. sources loyal to moammar gadhafi control at least six checkpoints, though, on the road into town. secretary clinton has arrived in geneva for high-level talks on the next steps toward libya. before leaving washington, clinton said the u.s. will provide help for anyone looking to oust gadhafi. also, president obama meets this morning with a bipartisan group of governors. at a dinner last night, mr. obama told the governors they have a partner in the white house. and urged them to collaborate with him. and the doors of wisconsin state capitol reopen this morning. but the sit-in protests continued overnight. there could be a showdown tomorrow over a bill that workers say would strip them of their bargains rights. a task force looking at the gulf oil disaster's environmental impact will
4:54 am
meet today in new orleans. they'll review strategies to rebuild the coastal ecosystems since last year's historic oil spill. and two astronauts will exit the space station today for a spacewalk. they'll move a broken pump into storage and get a power cable set up for a new walk-in store room. even in space, you can never have enough closets. >> you second that, right? >> i completely agree. coming up later on "good morning america," we'll have much more of our interview with charlie sheen. the troubled star speaks candidly about his tabloid headlines, whether he's an anti-semite, and whether he will sue because the plug has been pulled on the rest of this season for his show. >> everybody wondering what he will do next. perhaps he should stop calling into radio shows. >> it's like we're witnessing this unraveling of charlie sheen. amazing. >> very true. for some of you, your local news is coming up next. >> for everybody else, we'll be back with the love even new zealand's earthquake could not stop. it's a moving story. don't miss it.
4:55 am
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. now, good morning maryland. parents in harford county, you have been waiting for this. where will your child go to school? the decision is today in and wisconsin's union debate continues. argument could-- the argument could spill over in maryland. and the oscar goes to... we have a wrap-up of the night in tinsel town. those stories are ahead. did you see any of it? >> i did not. but is always the case, it wept long. >> yes. it did. but what a gorgeous day yesterday was. >> gave way to storms this morning. let's check the forecast on this monday. how is the workweek going to be? let's say good morning to justin. >> we are looking at power outages from the wind and the friday issue. 6,000 people without power. if you are watching, probably you are not one of them. but if you know somebody, give
4:59 am
them the number to call at 1- 877-778-2222. let's check it out. we could go another round today. strong winds, severe weather. we have a slight risk of severe storms. 's we check out the full screen, we will be warming up. sunny breaks could push us close to 70 that's going to be close to a record high temperature afternoon evening will be the time period for getting storms with damaging wind, large hail and tornadoes possible. this morning, we had a band of rain overnight, that was the warm front. mist and fog this morning, but we expect strong winds with storms developing this afternoon. we will talk about that forecast in a moment. who are's kim brown with early morning wet -- here's kim brown with early morning wet traffic. >> reporter: the roads will be slick or wet. so keep that in mind before heading out. nothing too major. we have seen slicker conditions than this morning. looking live at 695 at providence road, no major problems or delays report

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